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Cleaning Services

Residential and Commercial 


One-Time or Occasional Cleaning

Our one-time or occasional cleanings provide you with a thorough, deep clean. Our one-time cleanings are for the person looking for that spring cleaning. It is a cleaning without any commitment. Just call and book an appointment. An occasional cleaning is similar but we have cleaned for you previously. Occasional clients typically call us for holiday gatherings or just a gathering with family and friends.

Recurring Service

Interested in us cleaning for you, and considering recurring service. f. Our recurring option will keep your home fresh and a burden off your back. We offer the flexible frequency options of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings. You chose the best frequency for your home and switch at any time.

Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning

Congratulations on your new home! Now you face the daunting task of cleaning your soon-to-be old home and/or your new home. You want to leave your old home in superb condition for the next owners to enjoy and walk into a fresh home before you settle. When you find yourself exhausted and too busy we are at your beck and call.

Special Requests

We all have special requests at times; give us yours. Some sample requests are:

  • Clean the basement or storage room

  • Clean the interior of appliances, such as refrigerator or oven

  • Clean the porch or sun room

Commercial Cleaning

A clean business atmosphere helps establish your business’ image and is the basis of a productive work environment. Our technicians are trained to handle all of your commercial cleaning needs. The workplace is complicated enough. Let us keep it clean.

Your office’s and facility’s cleanliness affects your operations in many ways. Office cleanliness is vital to your business, so to employ a commercial cleaning company that offers the best quality of cleaning results and at the same time, acknowledges the importance of the health of employees, is needed. Fortunately, we meet that criteria and we know the value of a successful partnership with your organization We are committed to going above and beyond expectations as a contractor for you. We deliver the best level of service that every good-paying client deserves. Our cleaning process is focused not only on making your facility clean and sanitary, but ensuring that an environmentally responsible cleaning is carried out.

We provide complete commercial cleaning solutions for:

  • Corporate Offices

  • Banks/Financial Institutions

  • Daycare

  • Medical Offices

  • Schools

  • Churches

No matter how small or large the job, we can custom create a schedule that works around your hours and needs. Construction site, strata property, office, retail, car dealership or showroom, we meet each of our clients’ unique janitorial needs in a responsive and skilled manner so that you never have to worry about your commercial janitorial service when you deal with Sparkle King.

Office Buildings and Suites

From the boardroom to washrooms and individual offices, a clean working environment is important for the productivity and morale of your office. It is also critical for the professional image of your company to present organized, well cleaned headquarters. At Sparkle King, we are a dedicated janitorial service with a keen eye for details.

Schools and Daycare Facilities

Schools are a necessity for the development of children both academically and socially as well as daycare facilities have become a necessity for the working parent. Unfortunately, having so many people in one place heightens the possibilities of harmful germs and viruses being spread. We provide experienced and safe janitorial services to all levels and sizes of education institutions and daycare centers.

Gyms and Recreational Facilities

Sparkle King Cleaning Services is experienced in the unique needs of a fitness clubs, gyms, and other recreational facilities. From the front desk to the showers and change rooms, we create a customized action plan based on your facilities needs. In areas where athletes work out and use diverse types of machines, we strive to go the extra mile to eliminate contaminants and destroy bacteria.

Health Care Facilities and Medical Offices

Clinical facilities like surgical and medical centers require specialized sanitation to ensure the safety of staff, patients, and visitors. An unclean environment can breed disease, cause infection and lead to serious illness for anyone who comes in contact with its surfaces.

Shopping Centers

Shopping malls and complexes see thousands of visitors every day and with those crowds come big messes, especially in the food court. Trays fall, garbage’s overflow, and floors become sticky hazards waiting for shoppers to slip and fall. An unclean mall loses customers as well as business leases very quickly.

Banks and Credit Unions

Most customers will make a judgment of your establishment based on their initial impression of the cleanliness of both the interior and exterior of your business. We have a highly trained workforce who stop at nothing to deliver unrivaled bank janitorial services to the people who matter most in your business – your customers.

Industrial Complexes and Warehouses Unions

At Sparkle King, we are trained to clean industrial settings such as warehouses and production facilities. From ensuring all equipment is sanitized and degreased safely and effectively to removing graffiti and boot scuffs. Our teams can heighten the productivity of your facility.

Commercial Construction Cleaning

We are also experienced in construction cleanup. We know that once your building project is finished, you want to have it ready for occupancy as soon as possible. We also know all about the dirt and debris that is left behind, and are fully-equipped to meet and exceed the high standard clean up services required on your construction site.

Commercial Window Cleaning

As a professional commercial window cleaning service, Sparkle King knows how to get the job done quickly and at a cost-effective price. From store fronts to high-rises, when it comes to choosing who you should hire for the job the choice is clear.


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