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Gutter Cleaning

     If your gutters are overflowing with debris it’s probably a good time to reach out to a professional and get your gutters and downspouts cleaned. Keeping your gutters well maintained and debris-free is an essential part of protecting your home or business. Clogged gutters can attract a variety of pest infestations including carpenter ants, dampwood termites, moisture ants, and roof rats. Clogged gutters can also lead to costly structural repairs; if not maintained properly, debris build-up can cause water to flow over the gutters or under fascia boards. This overflow may result in:

  • Broken gutters

  • Rotten fascia boards

  • Roof rot

  • Mold

  • Basement leaks

  • Foundation damage

  • Damage to inner walls and windows

     Cleaning gutters can be a tedious, time-consuming, and dangerous job. Don't let your gutters bog you down--we can help! For the best protection, we recommend a gutter maintenance program to reduce debris build-up on a regular basis. We also offer one time cleaning.

Cleaning your gutters on a regular basis will help keep them in good condition as well as discourage pest infestations. We recommend cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year (once in the Spring and again in the Fall). There are some circumstances in which you might even have to have your gutters cleaned more than twice a year such as having many trees surrounding your home that drop their leaves over an extended period of time.​


What Should You Expect With

A Professional Gutter Cleaning?


  • First, gutters should always be cleaned by-hand and never with a leaf blower or pressure washer. Any company that says they clean gutters with either of these and that ‘they’ve never had a problem’ is simply not telling the truth. The high pressure of a leaf blower or pressure washer can damage your gutters, roof, wood fascia and more. These both also make an incredible mess that someone (usually the homeowner) has to clean up.

  • Second, all gutters and downspouts should be flushed with water to check for proper flow and any obstructions.

  • Third, all debris must be gathered, bagged and removed entirely from the home.

  • Fourth, all gutters and downspouts are tightened and secured

  • Finally, a thorough inspection of gutters, roof, flashing and shingles


     These factors are a part of every gutter cleaning service we provide. Every time. You will find we are not the cheapest out there because we do not do cheap work. We provide important elements of a professional gutter cleaning at a fair price and we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. ​

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

(Use for estimating only)

  • For a typical single story home of 1,500 square feet, cleaning can run between $100 and $215.

  • For a two story home in the 2,500 square foot range the price goes up to $125 to $275 for a normal cleaning.

  • A three story home or a two story home with a high reach (maybe in the rear of the house from ground level at a basement level to the gutter in addition to other lower roof areas) can range from $225 to $500 or more.

 ‘Extra Cost’ Items You

May Have To Consider?


  • Cleaning under screens or ‘gutter guards’ requires extra labor and can add as much as $100 to the price of your gutter cleaning.

  • Clearing an obstruction in a downspout (like a branch or toy that has become wedged in the pipe) can also add $50 to $100 to the price plus any replacement parts or downspout sections.

  • Length of time since your last gutter cleaning can really influence price when you consider that instead of scooping out leaves and twigs, the technician is pulling out grass and even small trees that may have grown!

  • Larger square footage or unusual roof pitch homes can also cost more simply because of the amount of labor required.


Additional Services:

Gutter Repair/Replacement

- We can repair your gutters, or if it is not fixable we can install a new one for you.

Gutter Screen Installation

- We offer a wide range of products. We can discuss the options during inspection.

Satellite / Antenna Removal

We will remove any old satellite or antenna and associated wires from your roof during your scheduled gutter cleaning.

Please note that the satellite mount will be left intact as to prevent any roof leakage.  The satellite and all wires will be neatly bundled and left on site.

Sky Light Cleaning

You'll be amazed at how dirty it really was after we're done.

Downspout Repair

If your downspout is loose, damaged or missing, we can repair or replace it if necessary.

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