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We Get Wildlife Pests Out and Keep Them Out


    The Wildlife Control Team at Tatum Termite & Pest Control focuses on the humane and responsible trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife, always following strict guidelines. Our staff has years of experience in wildlife removal. Wildlife removal is not a “do it yourself” type of job and attempting to remove animals on your own could cause costly damage to your home and/or result in injury. A lot of expertise, experience, and laws comprise the wildlife trapping process – from licensing and legal issues, to trap type/size, baits and lures, placement and presentation, safety of people and animal, care for the animal’s comfort, etc. If trapping and removal of wildlife is not handled properly, wildlife issues can escalate quickly and become very difficult to manage. Wildlife critters generally enter your home or business in search of food, water or shelter and once they’re in, they’re difficult to get out. After we identify the pest and its entry point or harborage area, we’ll work diligently to keep them from entering your property in the future by applying proven exclusion techniques.

    Our Wildlife Service Professionals are knowledgeable about wildlife habits and biology, exclusion techniques, home construction and damage repair. Whether you have raccoons in your basement, bats in your attic, squirrels in your eaves or birds on your roof, we’re ready to resolve your nuisance wildlife control issues promptly and professionally and keep wildlife pests out.

     If you have a serious / threatening nuisance animal issue – take advantage of our 24 hour emergency service!


Animal Control Services:

  • Nuisance Animal Removal        

  • Bat Exclusions & Guano removal  

  • Bird Exclusion and Netting    

  • Damage Repairs/Exclusion Barriers      

  • Dead Animal Removal  

  • Feces Removal      

  • Attic Restoration / Re-insulation / Drywall Replacement

  • Custom Attic Vent Screening    


  • Habitat Modifications  

  • Property Maintenance Programs    

  • Commercial Property Service          

  • Property Maintenance Programs

  • Inspections of vacant properties prior to purchase        

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service Available

Dealing with a nuisance animal, whether it’s alive or dead can be an overwhelming experience. We’re here to eliminate the stress, safely capture the nuisance animal, and repair any damages it may have caused. We have everything you need in one place. 

Most wildlife such as squirrels and rats are removed by the placement of traps, the placement of these traps is critical to effectively removing the animal humanely and in a timely manner. Traps are monitored routinely to ensure all are removed before working to repair damage caused by their presence. 


     Due to every situation being unique, it is difficult to give a direct quote over the phone or email for what your removal cost may be.  Pricing is usually done by visual inspection of the problem at hand. The problem you are experiencing may be more difficult to manage than other situations. We may also suggest exclusion work be done to prevent future wildlife from moving into the same area. Exclusion work can only be priced during an inspection.

We at Tatum Termite & Pest Control hope this makes your decision process a little easier.                             for additional information

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