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Prevent Pest Infestations with Construction Pretreatments


       As the housing and construction market recovers in our area, builders are paying close attention to techniques that will make their properties stand out to buyers. Pretreatment for termites during the building phase is a new home building trend that can prevent the appearance of termites in new homes or businesses. By taking early measures such as construction pretreatment for termites, builders can offer peace of mind to potential customers and developers.

      The most effective way to prevent future termite infestation is to apply a pest control substance to the building materials. Wood and insulation may be treated with chemicals that repel insects for years to come. Pest control professionals can also apply long-lasting liquid pretreatments to the soil before construction work begins.

      Homebuilders should make every effort to eliminate the cracks and holes that pests use as entryways. It is difficult for rodents or large insects to penetrate a tightly sealed building. If not given a proper pretreatment, termites and other pests can enter homes and offices by chewing through wooden walls. Insects may also nest in the soil around a building before they start to invade it.

      When developers use construction pretreatments, they are making a wise investment that yields numerous benefits. Preconstruction pest prevention greatly reduces spending on insecticides, extermination services and structural repairs. It also protects the health of a building's occupants. Pest-free properties usually maintain higher resale values as well.



Contact Tatum Termite & Pest Control for Pretreatments in NJ, PA, DE, MD, and NY.


     Tatum Termite & Pest Control offers highly effective pretreatments to commercial and residential customers in the area. We also work with homebuilders and contractors who want to provide this valuable service. For more information about pretreatments, please dial 856-723-1244. Our offices are open 24 hours a day.





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