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Tired of mosquito bites when you go outside in your yard?


     Why worry about mosquitoes? We’re all familiar with those pesky mosquitoes that buzz around and occasionally bite us. These biting pests can carry a variety of diseases:

  • West Nile Virus – now considered a seasonal epidemic in North America, West Nile virus makes the news nearly every summer. It is spread by mosquitoes and causes inflammation of the brain, and can be fatal in some patients.

  • Heartworm – a parasite affecting household pets, the larvae are transmitted by mosquitoes. Untreated, heartworms can clog up the heart, causing cardiovascular problems and death of your pet..

  • Malaria – this mosquito-borne disease can be found around the world. Symptoms can vary from one patient to another, and include fever, body aches, coma, and death. 


     Tatum Termite & Pest Control's three-pronged approach to mosquito control focuses on mosquito prevention and control in NJ, PA & DE area in three steps:

  1. Site Survey. We survey your property taking note of potential mosquito breeding sites. These are areas that hold water such as bird baths, gutters, etc.  Our first recommendation is to eliminate these areas of standing water. It is important to empty bird baths and other water-filled areas often to prevent mosquito problems. Once our survey is complete, we’ll provide a treatment plan for your backyard mosquito control program. 

  2. Mosquito Larvicide Application. We apply a larvicide to such areas as gutters, bird baths, plant drip trays, etc. to prevent the mosquito larva from developing into adults We apply larvicide only where and when absolutely necessary.

  3. Mosquito Adulticide Application. Using a backpack mist blower, we apply a material designed to kill adult mosquitoes on foliage around your property. We pay special attention to hot spots found during the survey.

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